Saturday, December 28, 2013

Food Store - Deli Cafe, West Perth - 80%

The Food Store on Hay St in West Perth is a very popular lunch destination for people working in the area. It is always a special treat to come here for lunch. Their delicious display contains fritters, tarts, and salads; and once, a sausage roll as big as my head. The lineup is so seductive that it took me some time to get around to indulging in one of their steak sangas.

On the menu, this steak sanga is billed as: Prime grilled steak on toasted sour dough with salad, spicy tomato relish, homemade aioli and chips.

The first visual of the sanga was striking.

A knife thrust into the heart. Maybe to ensure it was dead?

I had asked for rare and they promised "as rare as they could possibly make it". It was a generous slab of tender flavorful steak, all good apart from one fatty, gristly edge at the end. Wouldn't be a big deal, though I do like to save the best bite for last!

The bread was sourdough with grill marks from toasting. It was good quality bread and held together the contents and accumulated juices well. Though I don't love crusty toasted bread being used in a steak sanga. I find the crusty edges are relatively tough to get through and the sharp edges scrape the roof of the mouth. That is a personal thing; the other fellow who ordered the steak sanga quite liked the bread.

The salad was excellent with a varied selection of baby lettuce leaves and a few generous slices of a very flavorful tomato. The aioli and relish tied the entire thing together, and I loved the fact that we had both. The cheese was also a welcome surprise addition, because steak and cheese go together like sweet chilli and sour cream.

Altogether an enjoyable steak sanga experience. I really enjoyed it, though my mate who was also eating the sanga wasn't as enthused. He rated it about a 7, with the caveat that he doesn't love tomatoes. I personally enjoy tomatoes, so will rate this accordingly higher.

Steak: 4.5 / 5
Bread: 3.5 / 5
Salad: 4 / 5
Condiments: 5 / 5
Surroundings: 3 / 5

Steak Sanga Score: 80%
Price: $21.50

Food Store - Deli Cafe
1251 Hay St 
West Perth, WA 6005
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